Store holiday hours and Sundays when shops will be open in Athens

Shopkeepers in Athens expect an increase in turnover during the holiday seasonTime is counting down for holiday opening hours for stores ahead of Christmas and the New Year.The Christmas Bonus and its payment is expected to be a financial “breather” for private sector workers, who plan to make some purchases at Christmas, taking advantage of the continuous festive opening hours.Within December, the shops will also be open on two Sundays.The first one precedes the holidays and is Sunday, December 11, and the second one will be the one immediately following, that is, Sunday, December 18, with the hours being 11:00 ...

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The debut of Christopher Papakaliatis’ “Maestro in Blue” on the Athens-based Mega Channel was a sterling success. Now, the well-received mini-series by the Greek actor, director and screenwriter has expanded to a global audience via the Netflix international media streaming service. Papakaliatis celebrated the successful premier of “Maestro in Blue” this week during a reception thrown by Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos in LA, with several of Hollywood’s best-known Greek-origin stars, such as Maria Menounos, Lia Vardalos and John Stamos in attendance. In fact, the mini-series featured in Netflix’s “top 10” most watches series over the past few days.

Additionally, and even more importantly, an amendment passed in Parliament on Tuesday suspends all building activity on Mykonos in areas outside of town planning (zoning) areas

Maestro in Blue, set in the picturesque northern Ionian island of Paxos, was created for and first aired on the Athens-based Mega Channel

Amidst the generalised uncertainty in the global economic confluence of events – and the uncertainty caused by Greece’ three-month electoral campaign - last thing one wants is turbulence in the financial system.

The balance of the election and the fear of electoral losses due to Polakis prodded the entire SYRIZA party and its Political Secretariat unanimously to embrace him once again.

The Greek actor, director and screenwriter adds: ‘Many times my relationship with my pen was erotic’

The differences with the lockdown period

Boosts trade between Greece and Ukraine