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The NFL and College Football Are Competing for the Most Absurd COVID Denial in Sports

Whatever America’s central problem is, football is probably the best metaphor for it. That’s true no matter which level of football you’re looking at. Tuesday evening, two stories broke at once: 1. The Baltimore Ravens, who’d already seen their Thanksgiving game against the Pittsburgh Steelers rescheduled twice due to 22 potential COVID cases on the Baltimore roster, reportedly learned while on the plane to Pittsburgh that they’d been practicing (at a “safe distance”) with yet another player who’d tested positive. 2. Live on air, ESPN college football commentator Kirk Hersbstreit proposed that some college teams have been using COVID as an excuse to ...

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Νέες εξελίξεις υπάρχουν στην υπόθεση της Σοφίας Μπεκατώρου και των καταγγελιών για σεξουαλική κακοποίηση στους κόλπους της Ιστιοπλοικής ομοσπονδίας. Η


Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott is stepping down at the end of June, ending an 11-year...


Larry Scott and the Pac-12 announced they are parting ways at the end of June, ending the commissioner's turbulent 11-year run.


Three other Capital players will join Ovechkin on the list.


Δεν μακροημέρευσε ο Γιάννης Τάτσης στο Αλκαζάρ. Πέντε μέρες μετά τη στήριξη που έλαβε από τον Αλέξη Κούγια, ο Τάτσης δεν θα συνεχίσει στον θεσσαλικό κάμπο.


Brady has led the Buccaneers to the NFC Championship Game in his first season there.


Brady and the Bucs look to be just the fifth team to ever win three road games in the playoffs.


Ο καλύτερος οδηγός της Αθήνας είναι εδώ για να σε ενημερώσει για οτιδήποτε συμβαίνει στην πόλη! Διασκέδαση, φαγητό, έξοδος, θέατρο, ενημέρωση